The rules to enter the territory of the Peering forum MSK-IX

Dear colleagues,

We want to remind you that the Peering Forum will be held in Moscow on December 10th, tomorrow.

Please be aware of the increased security measures with this year's forum. So be sure you have your passport or other ID with you or you may not be let in.

The Peering Forum includes a technical seminar for professionals starting at 11am, with the official opening starting at 2 p.m. The BoF Session "BGP: Towards Better Protocol and Practices" will take place during the 1-2 o'clock lunch break. Should you wish to take part in the 11am technical seminar, please bring your passport or other ID to avoid waiting in line with the regular attendees.

The Peering Forum will be held in the big conference hall of the Moscow Government building at Novy Arbat Str. 36