Please submit your proposals for talks and panel discussions to We are looking for presentations covering topics of network engineering and operations, including but not limited to:

  • Incidents and trends. Measurements on the network. Observation-based analysis of network connectivity, traffic routing, IP-resource allocation, QoS.
  • Pain and lessons learned from. Best practices of network operation. Presentation of real cases and approaches to solving problems.
  • The development of the Internet infrastructure, networking technologies and protocols.
  • Commercial, technical and social aspects of peering.
  • Russian Internet in the global context.
  • What is wrong with BGP and how to fix it?
  • Network security and protection against DDoS-attacks.
  • Telco and data-centers business integration.
  • OTT operators: commercial perspective and legal base.
  1. Registration and morning coffee

  2. Technical session

  3. Registration for the main conference

  4. Conference opening

  5. MSK-IX Technical Update

    Alexander Ilin MSK-IX
  6. Customers' Community News and Partner Awards

    Evgeny Morozov MSK-IX
  7. Guest IXP Presentation

    Vincent Rais NL-IX
  8. Coffee break

  9. Presentations – Roundtable Discussion

  10. Social event