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5 декабря, 2013

Пиринговый Форум MSK-IX 2013

About the Forum

MSK-IX Peering Forum is a major annual meeting of the Internet and Telecom-market participants: representatives of leading Internet operators and providers, public authorities and non-state field structures from Russia, CIS countries and West European countries.

The Forum has been held since 2005 and each year gathered more and more professionals. Over this time MSK-IX Forum turned from an intra-network event among participants into the largest open business platform for all participants of the Internet and Telecom-market.
In 2012 350 participants personally took part in the 8th Peering Forum, over 300 people followed its course online.
The Forum is traditionally organized by MSK-IX at participation of such partners as Technical Center of Internet, Pascom, Tata Communications. Information support is rendered to the event by leading editions in the IT/Telecom sphere: Cnews, Comnews, ICS, TsODy.RF magazine, etc.

Format of the Peering Forum:
  • business program and informal socializing;
  • discussion of most vital field issues;
  • famous and professional speakers;
  • interactives, exchange of opinions and heated discussions;
  • comfortable environment and pleasant pastime;
  • communication “in your own environment” setting for success and development

The Forum’s business program includes reports on most vital topics on organization of peering in Russia, examples of successful foreign practices, profile subject seminars and round tables. Free intercourse during the Forum is converted into new contacts and projects for many participants. 

Main subjects of the Forum:
  • interaction of Internet operators;
  • connection of technologies and the information space;
  • condition and tendencies of the multi-service network market;
  • legal basis;
  • new technologies and their impact on business development.

There are no come-and-go people at MSK-IX Peering Forum, participants are represented by:
  • top managers and decision makers;
  • engineering managers and leading developers;
  • experts from commercial departments;
  • project leaders and managers;
  • profile mass media representatives.

Participation in MSK-IX Peering Forum is:
  • know-how from industry leaders “at first hand and free from water”;
  • personal acquaintance with professionals in the telecommunication sphere;
  • infinite possibilities for business development;
  • brainstorming, ideas
  • professional reloading.

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